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It's amazing how much influence fiction has on people.

Fiction can create an ideal world for us to lose ourselves in. While that seems bland enough, I've heard of instances where fiction helped people get through tough times. J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, has received many letters of thanks for her stories. Some of her fans have claimed that the Harry Potter books kept them from literally killing themselves and/or indulging in self-destructive behaviors. Why? Because those people found a community willing to accept them and get through tough times. Even if they didn't meet up with other Harry Potter fans, they were able to distract themselves long enough with those stories until things got better. I wonder how many people J.K. Rowling has helped with her series...

I've also heard of stories when people use fictional characters when they don't have any real models to aspire to. For some, their parents were emotionally absent or abusive, their neighbors were bad people, their extended family did little to make significant improvements to themselves, etc, but they still had Superman. They had Captain America. They had heroes who were inspirational, moral, and strong, no matter how insurmountable the obstacle. If Superman could face down Darkseid and the armies of Apokolypse, then why couldn't they deal with their petty bully? If Steve was willing to do the right thing, even when he was a scrawny pipsqueak, why couldn't they help the person everyone else gave up on.

I've even heard of instances when people would try to think of what a fictional character would do in their situation. They'll ask themselves "What would Optimus Prime do?" and try to follow his example. [If you are asking what would Optimus would do, stay away from Shattered Glass!Prime and Bayformers!Prime. Also: Please refrain from killing yourself.]

Like so many others, I draw my morals from fictional characters. I think the one who influences me the most isn't someone as grandiose as Wonder Woman or Luke Skywalker. Rather, she's a simple pony by the name of Applejack. 

Applejack is from Hasbro's second- (or first-) most popular franchise, My Little Pony. In the series, Applejack is the least popular of the protagonists (that doesn't mean people hate her, it just means people don't like her as much as the others), but she's my favorite. 

I think the main reason why Applejack is my favorite pony is because we're so similar. I remember the first episode that focused her character I literally almost cried! Her mannerisms were exactly like mine, and I have made the same mistakes she did. But to me, Applejack is the ideal version of me. Because I want to be the best that I can, I try to strive to be like her, and the best way I've done that is by being more honest. 

I've never been much of a liar, yet I have told my fair share of fibs. But watching Applejack, a character whose main defining feature is her honesty, inspired me to be more. When my relationship with my boyfriend really started to take off, I swore to myself that I'd be as honest as Applejack with him. Since I was so honest, my boyfriend decided to be honest right back at me. Now eight months in our relationship, I can't think of a time when I've ever told him a lie. Of course being honest is hard and there have been times when telling a lie really would have made things easier, but I've stuck to my guns. The truth can hurt and be down right offensive at times, but if you make a habit of telling and accepting the truth, then it becomes easier to swallow.

I'm not perfect and neither are the characters that I like, but I try to borrow bits and pieces of them in my daily life.

Be as honest as Applejack, but avoid being someone who's honest just to hurt other people's feelings. When facing obstacles, I want to be as strong as Prime!Arcee, but with the demure courage as Mrs. Johnathan Brisby. I want be as charismatic as Megatronus in order to help people, but not get so caught up in my pride that I become Megatron when I fail.

Reality is harsh, and the people around us make compromises. But with fiction, we can create ideal worlds, people, and scenarios to learn from them. I may never be the moral pillar that Optimus, Superman, or Captain America are, but I can try to emulate them. If I try, then I'll be better for it, and if I'm better for it, then world becomes a little bit better as well.

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